Контакторы серии С310
Ток главной цепи – 150/300/500 A -  SCHALTBAU GMBH


The C310 is a single pole bidirectional DC NO contactor ideal for all applications with energy recovery. It was designed to ensure safe switching regardless of the current direction and to protect reliably in case of short circuit. The contactor is suitable for typical applications such as the DC end of inverters, combiner boxes of photovoltaic installations, battery storage systems and electric vehicles. The first types in the new series are designed for permanent currents of 150 A, 300 A and 500 A. The devices have compact dimensions and low weight. Features: DC bidirektional, versions: “A/”: Ui = 1,000 V, arc chamber with permanent magnetic blowout “S/”: Ui = 60 V, switching chamber with cover High making and breaking capacity High rated short-time withstand current High resistance to shock and vibration Low energy consumption:  standard magnetic drive – optimized thanks to electronic coil controller latch magnetic drive – no power consumption in open and closed position

DC contactor -  high voltage contactor -  energy storage - 
Hollerithstrasse 5, 81829 München
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