Russian Birch plywood is the perfect complement to our imported plywood product line for industrial applications. Our Russian plywood is aesthetically pleasant on both the panel faces and edges, tightly constructed, strong, versatile, and produced with consistently excellent quality.

High-quality plywood of the FK, FSF and FOB brands with a thickness of 2.4-30 mm, as well as latoflexes - furniture parts that we can produce according to the wishes of customers of various parameters (in thickness, length, width). 
"Parizhskaya kommuna"' (TECHNOFLEX LLC) is the recognized premier manufacturer of plywood and latoflex products in Russia.

The main type of production is plywood of the brand FC (interior), FSF (Exterior) with dimensions of 1525X1525 mm. Two more types of laminated plywood is the sizes of 1250*2500 and 1220*2440 were recently added to the main production line.

The first type is Jointed Plywood.

The second type is aStudded plywood.

Also, there are products related to the forest industry: Lumber and Fuel Briquettes.

You should pay attention to the production of Latoflex.

In a short time, the plant has successfully become a leader in the production of furniture parts and is currently one of the largest exporters in Russia for Latoflex.

The main principles in production are the guarantee and quality that we can confirm with our certificates, one of the most important of which is FCS-100 %.


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