Stationary casting bed and production table
Manufacture of precast concrete products -  M-KONSTRUKTOR


Cross-functional stationary casting bed and production tables are the ultimate solution for the production of a small number of massive concrete products, which involves frequent movement of the timbering. Technological simplicity of manufacturing concrete products, relatively low costs, and easy operation are the main advantages of this equipment. The constructional simplicity of "M-Konstruktor" stationary casting bed and production table ensure equipment reliability. The stand consists of a support frame, which is installed on a concrete base, a working surface and a heating system. The device is equipped with supporting frames that are fixed to the concrete with adjustable anchor bolts. Pins connect the segments of the stationary casting bed and production table with each other. The length of each segment is 10 meters, the width is 3-4 meters, and the weight is 7450kg, 1054mm. Built-in cone centralizers at the ends of the working surface exclude combined segments’ level differences.

Железобетонные изделия и строительные агломераты
Stationary casting bed -  precast concrete -  production table - 
Russia, Velikiye Luki, Pskov oblast, 15 Novoseleninskaya 182106 Velikiye Luki
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