TM “Gurman Family” is a modern developing flexible company with many years of experience, which has been manufacturing confectionery products since 2000. We are looking for a distributors for salings in EU. Our products are certified according to ISO 22003: 2013 C, subcategory III C IV.
    Our partners are  DiNova Moldova, Brewwanz Estonia, SIA "Amili" Latvia,   SIA "Link Vest" Latvia,   SV-Mix Germany, SRL @Fest Plus".
    Our range of products, which is constantly updated, is able to impress with its diversity. We use unique old recipes paired with the latest technologies in production. TM “Gurman Family” produces approximately 111  various kinds of sweets, croissant, marmalade, shortbread cookies, puff pastry, oriental sweets, chur-Czech-Kela, sorbet and others..
   The strategy of our company is in 2020   to make our sweets to the taste of people not only in our country. We want “the world taste the brand GF”, in addition, we are ready to cooperate with distributors and discuss the delivery and payment conditions with each client individually.
     If you are interested in cooperation with our company, we ask You  immediately contact to the export department for  discussing all the conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation. Also we send You a price and our representer.
( tel: +380674958688; 
        With hope for cooperation.
         Taste and see for yourselves: TM "Gurman Family" is more than just delicious!

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