Ultrahard anticorrosive sound isolation material


Thickness, mm: 4.0-8.0 +/- 0.2 Weight, kg: 8.0-16.0 Color: Black Temperature of maintenance -40C - +80C Adhesion, N/cm (Not less than): 6 Coefficient of vibration absorption: 0.55-0.70 Density, kg/cubic: 1950 Composition: The polymeric mastic. Type of the glue layer: The self-contained adhesiveness when heated to 45C (before 45C there is a low adhesiveness) Sizes of the production: sheets – 240х420mm, 500х700mm, 500х800mm, 500х1000mm, rolls (may be issued in sizes according to customer). Description: The ultrahard insulating (absorbing) material, which is used for the lowering of microvibrations of metal and plastic. It consists of the polymeric mastic using a special composition. It has an anticorrosive effect. It is used as a material for car and mechanism isolation with extreme levels of sound pressure. It retains its properties under a sound pressure of more than 160 dB.

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