Vise/ Тиски
Machine vice, machine tools, pneumatic, friction, cylindrical, eccentric -  JSC GLAZOVSKY PLANT METALIST


vise machine tools: Clamp the workpiece by turning the handle clockwise until it stops;The use of eccentric clamps in the vice reduces the time for clamping and expanding the workpiece. Vices for metalwork: Clamps the long blanks in an upright position. You can rotate to any angle from 0 ° to 360 °. Increased anvil on the body, thrust bearing on the screw. Presence of adjusting screws. Vice cylindrical cylindrical TCS-180: Increased stiffness of the vise due to the central nut and the cylindrical guide, for precise work. The resulting clamping zone ensured the fastening of long parts in an upright position. Vice pneumatic locks: Capable of clamping the parts for a second with a force of 1.5 tons without the use of human force. It is ideally suited for speeding up operations on the clamping of typical parts and blanks on-line. Friction vise: Friction clutches with manual drive for clamping of parts of circular section, excluding their deformation.

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